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Handbag tag

I was tagged for this meme by Lisa, The Preachers Wife.  I debated on doing this at all seeing as my pocket book holds everything but the kitchen sink — but then I thought this is a great way to clean out my purse – so thanks a bunch!

april-07-056.jpg Here is a picture of my pocket book……..It is  a Vera Bradley elephant print (her new breast cancer awareness print). It was a valentine’s day present from hubby.  He said go get that purse if you want it and I RAN, ran ,ran before he changed his mind. It is also BIG. I like big.  I have 3 little girls who give me everything under the sun to carry and then I usually have various and  a sundry things of my own that have to be toted.  I like BIG!

BIG does pose problems though —- tends to lend itself to carrying lots of unnecessary things. 

Here is what the inside of my bag looked like to start with –april-07-055.jpg  Doesn’t look too bad but remember it’s big – check out this pictures of the stuff I took out of it to make it “presentable”.

april-07-057.jpg Lots of receipts, hair-bows my daughters take out of their hair, Maalox and allergy medicine – I have allergies AND indigestion!……Lots of other just plain ole trash!

Here is the pictures of what went back into it:april-07-058.jpg

What is all that?  Well there is:

A makeup bag – full of lip-gloss – gotta have lots of shades to choose from, wallet, fabric swatches because I am desperately trying to find all the fabric I need to have bedding made for my girls and you never know when you’ll need to match colors. There’s sunglasses, business cards, hand sanitizer and hand lotion.  There’s my matching umbrella and tickets (YES – we had to buy TICKETS) to our daughters’ dance recital  ( I’m not bitter or anything…….well maybe just a little)coming up in a few weeks.  There’s pens and a calculator, gum and peppermints….. that’s about it!

I think I have covered it all except for tagging a few more folks so here goes:

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Jennifer at A Day in the Life of the Deatons

Join in the fun girls!  And Lisa, my purse was DEFINITELY worse than your =)

In Him –



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The girls over at 5 Minutes for Mom are GIVING away a new vacuum.  And it isn’t just any vacuum — it is a Dyson Slim!!!!

Go over to the Dyson  site and check out this awesome piece of machinery and then go on over to Janice and Susan’s site  and register to win!!! OH what fun!!!! 

(Isn’t it funny that we moms get so excited over a vacuum…..hmmmmm…..I think somewhere along the way some things in life have changed…..)

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SO, a while back I saw this on another site that I cannot remember right now, and I decided to have my blog reviewed. 

Why don’t you go on over and check out what Billy Mac had to say about my blog and other blogs.  AND then you can have your blog critiqued too =)

And to plead my case – I’d make the font bigger but I don’t know how……..guess that says how blog illiterate I am! Sorry every body =)

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