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When I won the CWO Challenge a few weeks back, Darleneemailed me and said that the blog design was only for blogspot, what would I like to do?

Well – my answer was a resounding — -“I don’t mind MOVING!!!!”  Please go here and check out the new Ponderings of The Heart.   I will post on my beautiful new blog from now on!

Be sure you tell Darlene what a GREAT job she did!!!!


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Girls, I’m in need of some discernment here.  As well and guidance, advice and bible verses to apply here, too!

Are you an intuitive person?  I tend to see myself as a very intuitive person which – if I’m honest -can lead to paranoia if left unchecked. But – I have been told by many (some of which were professionals) that I am intuitive so I don’t think it is just me “puttin’ on airs” as the saying goes. Whenever  I get these “feelings” I try to pray about them and see what God is saying and where HE is leading but it is sometimes difficult to figure out.

Well, since I moved to this place almost 10 months ago, I’ve had this feeling about two different people.  With both of them the feeling hit me as soon as I met them and they are people that I come into contact with at least once a week – if not more.  It is that feeling that something is just not right.  That this person isn’t what he/she seems to be.  And I have to say that one of them has proven true – this person IS a “snake in the grass”.  Always manipulating things to appear a way that they aren’t.  The feelings continue………even now – 10 months later, I still have this “Something just isn’t good here” feeling whenever I am around these people. That “I should be leery of him/her” feeling. 

SO , here is what I need help with because while I am intuitive an get “feelings” about things – I cannot seem to figure it out. 

SO – girls – let’s hear it — your opinions please.  I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!!! So, please pass this on and ask all of your friends out there in blogland to send me their opinions….I will be praying this day that they LORD will use you all to speak HIS truth to me in this situation.

Is this intuition at all?  It is from God?  Is the Holy Spirit warning me about these people?  OR is it just me –reading whatever I will into these people?

UGGHHHH!  Can I tell you all this is driving me kind of crazy.  So, I am desperately looking forward to some answers.

I will be praying!

In HIM –


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forheather.jpgKelli, at Living In Grace is asking for prayer for Heather, who will have brain surgery this Thursday.

If you are willing to join in, go on over to Living In Grace and sign your name for a time to pray for Heather and her family!

Let’s cover her with prayer so much that God is continually hearing Heather and her family being brought to his feet!!

In His Love –


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Test Results

I just wanted to give everyone who prayed for me last week during all of that testing an update on what is going on.

I saw the Dr. this morning and she said that there wasn’t any reflux during the tests at all. However, my esophagus is contracting 90% of the time and it isn’t supposed to do that.

So, she has given me medication to take for the next month that hopefully will relax my esophagus and I return to her for followup in a month.

 You all are awesome! THANKS for the prayers.  Pray the medicine does the trick, please!


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I have to have a ph probe done tomorrow.  It is a test to see how much acid is in your throat and stomach.  Not to be gross, but it does entail them sticking a tube down my nose and throat and doing some stuff for 30 minutes.  Then they will take that particular tube out and put another one in to leave for 24 hours to measure the acid……..

I am not – I REPEAT – I.AM.NOT. looking forward to it AT all.  Especially since I already have a sinus infection and my throat already hurts and i’m coughing up a lung already, too.

I called the dr. office yesterday to tell them about the infection – thinking they would probably not do it — but no such luck….

So, I’m asking for prayers tomorrow.  First for the initial testing at 10:45 am and then also throughout the day and during the night of the next 24 hours that I am supposed to eat, drink and be merry with a tube stuck down my throat.

I appreicate it ladies!

I will let you know how it goes, I promise! 😉

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First, I want to say thank you for everyone’s sweet comments on Tuesday’s IOW.  I know it was from God and what HE is teaching me because I couldn’t have come to those thoughts alone.  PRAISE BE TO HIM!!!I want to praise Him this morning because I am feeling blue.  Things at our ill church aren’t getting better. Read about these things here and here.  In fact, they are getting worse.  I can’t go into detail just now – it is too fresh but I would like to ask for prayer from you all (yes again – I’m rather needy aren’t I?) and also I’d like to share what God said to me today.  I know it is from HIM.  It is just what I needed this day to help me remember him and stop dwelling on my troubles! Read this and be blessed this day!

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The Preacher’s Wife, asked a very poignant question today.  She wants to know if any of us have a “good loser mom stories”.  Well, I shared mine with her and here it is for you all to read, too:

OK – I am warning you that I can win this category!!!!
SO – when my oldest daughter was 2 years old, she was playing in our living room. Hubby and I were there, too. The two year old who LOVED to climb, climbed up onto the arm of the couch and was straddling the arm like she was riding a horse. Hubby told her to get down before she fell and what happened? She fell! Well – I knew she fell hard and was crying but being the intuitive Mommy that I am – since it was bedtime and all of her body looked OK, I figured she was just tired and I put her to bed with a dose of Tylenol – thinking that she might have just turned her ankle or something.
She slept – ALL NIGHT – but when she got up the next morning still wouldn’t walk on her leg or put any pressure on her foot. I called the pediatrician who couldn’t see us until 2PM – so my little girl is forced to lay on the couch all day long. We go to the Dr. and she does xrays that show that the leg is cracked in an “S” shape all the way down from the knee……We ended up with a pink cast that went from her thigh to her toes….. Not only that but the Ped. said that “Just so I was aware” this was the type of fracture that if it had been in her upper leg would be a sign of CHILD ABUSE!!! Because if in the upper leg it would look like someone twisted her leg and broke it……There is one example…..
Another example….
Same child – about 6 months earlier, when her baby sister was 3 days old – decided to hide in the babies closet. I was trying to get her to come out and took her hand to pull her out of the closet. I pulled forward – she pulled backward and popped that Nurse’s Maid thingy right out in her elbow. The dr. popped it back it but she still wouldn’t use the arm. She ended up with a partial cast on her arm.
SO – how about that for the LOSER MOMMY club? I feel totally responsible for my daughter have 2 casts in one year!!!
What do I win? Besides the shame and guilt I carry around for having scarred my daughter at a young age….. =)

SO , If you wanna join in the fun and see if you can beat my LOSER MOMMY story then go on over and add your story at her site.

Then you can be a member of the club too…..but I warn you…..It is going to have to be SOME kind of story to beat me.

Have a blessed day!

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