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Tuesday’s In Other Words

“When God is involved, anything can happen. Be open and stay that way. God has a beautiful way of bringing good vibrations out of broken chords.”~ Chuck Swindoll~

Wow what a quote. This is a loaded one for me!  I TOTALLY get it that “With God ANYTHING is possible.” I totally get it for other people, that is.  I don’t have difficulty believing that if a friend of mine is sick that God will heal them.  I know there is power in the prayers of the faithful.  I FULLY believe that God will heal our friend Heather!  There are so many of you wonderful people out there praying for her.   The trouble is – I can believe and have faith that the Almighty will do it for others……….

………..I just have a VERY hard time believing it for myself.  I’m not sure why really.  Maybe because I know the ugliness that dwells in my heart and mind in ANY given moment.  There is a part of me that wonders why would HE ever want to heal me or DO anything for me.  I don’t have any qualms at all about the first and last parts of this quote . “When God is involved anything can happen” – I know this the bible says “anything is possible with God.”  And the last part “God has a beautiful way of bringing good vibrations  out of broken chords” – In Romans we are told that we know that all things work together for good for those called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). 

The part I seem to have trouble with is the middle part – “Be open and stay that way”. 

I try to be open.

I WANT to be open.

I don’t know that I stay that way.  I suppose that I feel that anytime I have a moment where trust is an issue for me then I must not be open any more.  Anyone know what I mean?  I have been having some health issues as of late – NOTHING compared to lots of our friends and I have been trying to believe that I am going to be healed.  Doesn’t the Bible say that if we ask and BELIEVE that we will receive?  I’m trying to do that.   And I know that believing is a choice that I just have to make each and every day……

BUT then comes the nagging — and it know that a lot of it is that old cunning serpent trying to get at me…….saying “BUT is healing you really in HIS will?”
“Why would God want to heal you? You aren’t worth it”.

Know what I mean?
Come on Girls,  – don’t leave me hanging…….let me hear from you all on this. 

I wrote this quote on a post-it note and I plan to do some praying and pondering on it!  Help me, won’t you?

If you want to add your own thoughts to today’s In Other Words, go on over to Joy in the Morning and add yours.  Or just go to see what others said about this quote!

In HIM – Mindy



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Today’s IOW is being hosted by Christine over at Fruit In Season.

“Busyness is not a spiritual gift.”
From an interview with

~ Lisa Harper ~

I have to say that I agree whole heartedly with the rest of the ladies who have voiced their opinions on people being too busy and agreeing to TOO many things in the church.  I agree that we have to lay it all at our Father’s feet and let him be our guide to serving Him!   I also think that we can get so bogged down in the “helping” that we no longer have any joy in it and then it is time to rethink things.  

I would also like to share that in our church, hubby doesn’t like the word ‘volunteer’ because we humans tend to volunteer out of our extra time.  And, really – who has any extra time these days? He choose instead to use the word servants because as it says in Isaiah we are servants chosen by Him.  We serve, rather than volunteer, when we aren’t doing it all and when we DO take the time to let the Lord lead us to where he wants us to serve.

I think we have to be very careful, though, not to use this as an excuse. “That’s just not my thing.”  and “God didn’t give me the gift to serve in that area”. These are excuses I have heard more times than I wish to remember. Anyone who works in church ministry KNOWS how difficult it is to find people who are willing to serve.  It is important for us to realize that in the same way that we can be doing more than our share  in our churches when we aren’t offering things up to the Lord, we can also be giving excuses and doing nothing by not allowing HIM to guide us.

This leads me to one of my biggest pet peeves. Anyone ever heard this excuse?  “I just don’t have time because my kids have dance, soccer, baseball…..(fill in whatever the kids do here) and I don’t have time to do anything else.   My worry is that our “busyness” becomes more about keeping up with the Joneses and giving our children the opportunity to do everything they wish to the detriment of serving the Lord.   I know people whose kids end up having extra curricular activities on Wednesday night and even on SUNDAYS where they are not attending church anymore.   I have to wonder – what are we teaching our kids by allowing this to happen?  I’m afraid that our children are receiving a message that our world revolves around them and whatever their schedule brings that is what we will do.  Our schedules should NEVER revolve around our children…..they should revolve around the Lord and serving HIM – however that may be personally for each of us.  When our world revolves around the Lord, then we are teaching our children that HE and HIS desires are what is most important and not them. 

I fear that in a world where giving our children more than we had has become the norm (not a bad thing in itself) we are giving in to exactly what the devil wants us to.  We are so busy in the secular things of life that we have no time left for God.  I fear that many of us need to revamp our priorities and that we can use those excuses I mentioned above as our way OUT of serving the Lord.

So, I think this quote can be seen in more than one way.  Busyness, whether inside the church  or out, isn’t a spiritual gift! I propose that each of us take a time to look at our busyness and see where we fall.  Are you being a “Martha”? Are your children the center of your universe?  And most importantly , where is GOD on my priority list?  Why am I so busy?

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In HIM –


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