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Hey everybody. Check out these flip flops! Aren’t they just precious?!!?

  If you would like custom made flops for your little girl  (or for yourself) -email me!  Prices start at $8 a pair!
[rockyou id=65000467&w=426&h=320]


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march-0702-008.jpgHi everyone. I just sent out an email to my address list and thought I would do a little shameless promotion here too…….Read on.

ladies.It is Easter time and since I received an order for bows already today, I thought I would email everyone else to say  , IF you want to order bows for Easter get your order in ASAP!I have lots of grosgrain ribbon that would be great for a fun Easter Egg Hunt bow.  I have polka dots, stripes and solids.  And we can put a bunny, an egg, an Easter basket, flowers or even a baby chick in the middle.And how about to match that Easter dress?  Are you looking for something more fancy?  Maybe organza or satin ribbon to match that dress?Let me know if you want something so if I don’t have the ribbon you need in stock, I will have time to get it and get your bows to you!


Some of you have been asking about headbands! Be on the lookout for an email soon as I am going to venture in to doing headbands really soon!  (Also remember that I can do Pony O’s for girls who like ribbons but don’t want the bow itself) 

AND……what about  FLIP FLOPS!!! I hope to have some examples to send out really soon! Let me know what I can get for you today!In HIS Love- 


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3 Girls Designs


I have been absent from blogging for a few days.  Let me tell you why. About 2 1/2 years ago when it became apparent that I was having a third daugther, I decided I needed to learn to make “boutique” style hairbows because it cost entirely too much to buy coordinating bows for my girly – girls for all of their outfits. So, I have learned to make bows.  And now I have actually started my own home business of sorts.  It is really just starting but while I’ve been away, I have been working my hands off making Valentine’s Day bows. 

A very wise person, my friend over at thepreacherswife.wordpress.com , told me I should post some pictures of my bows on my blog.  THANKS for the encouragement and here they are.  Thanks for looking and if anyone out there reading this post would like to get more details on getting some bows (to match anything!) email me personally at: mindymc5@charter.net

Hopefully I can get back to my more contemplative self tomorrow…..


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